Payments to Revival Fires! Baptist College are accepted in U.S. funds via cash, check or money order.

Tuition and Fees

All charges are per course. The total cost per course is $60.00 per credit hour ($180.00 for a three semester credit hour course) plus textbook(s).

Two or more students taking courses together (at home or in a Bible institute) receive a 50% discount per course, for a total cost of $30.00 per credit hour, or $90.00 per course plus textbook(s).

In addition, we offer first time students the first course of their choice for the half price rate to introduce them to Revival Fires! Baptist College.

Students may opt to audit classes (not for credit) at 50% off the regular tuition.

All course fees are due in advance of and prior to beginning a selected course.

Course fees include video tape rental, syllabus, handouts, testing fees, and postage and handling from Revival Fires! Baptist College to you. Required textbooks are available from Revival Fires! Baptist College, or you may acquire them from another source. Course fees do not include textbooks or return postage to Revival Fires! Baptist College.

Financial Disclaimer

No more than 50% of the tuition fee for any class will be refunded for any reason. All considerations concerning tuition refunds are subject to review by Revival Fires! Baptist College, and approval or denial of such refunds is solely at our discretion.

Summer Seminar of Evangelism

The Summer Seminar of Evangelism is optional, but highly encouraged and recommended. Three semester credit hours will be issued upon successful completion of the Summer Seminar and the required work load. Students will spend two hours each day in class sessions (good for additional college credit) and will learn from extensive hands-on training. Areas of study and practice include: bus work, children’s services, personal work at the altar, door-to-door soulwinning, sermon preparation, finances, scheduling, promotions, correspondence, meeting with the pastor, Scripture memorization, and much more.

Students will travel with Evangelist Dennis Corle for most of the summer season. Accommodations vary, but many times involve staying in church families’ homes. Therefore the highest degree of character and integrity is expected.

Cost for the Summer Seminar $300.00 (for the entire summer, or any part thereof) due upon arrival of the student, plus a $25.00 matriculation fee, due with submission of the student’s application. This covers the student’s travel, tuition, accommodations and meals. Some spending money should be carried by the student for incidentals such as phone calls, personal items, etc.

Information and application packets for the Summer Seminar of Evangelism are available from Revival Fires! Baptist College.