Degree Descriptions

Two Year     Associate of Biblical Studies

Four Year     Bachelor of Biblical Studies

Degree Requirements

Associate Degree     An Associate Degree requires the completion of 64 credit hours as approved by the College Administration.

Bachelors Degree     A Bachelors Degree requires the completion of 128 credit hours as approved by the College Administration.

Transfer of Credits

Revival Fires! Baptist College agrees to accept the transfer of college credits earned through other credible institutions of higher learning, while reserving the right to determine what credits will or will not transfer. We do not guarantee the transfer of credits from any other school. Revival Fires! Baptist College students have successfully transferred credits to other Independent, fundamental Baptist colleges.

Life Experience Credits

Life Experience Credits are granted on an individual case basis and must be documented and verifiable. These credits are granted to those who have worked in Christian service for ten years or more since age 18. Life Experience Credits are not applied towards the student’s completion of a degree program until the end of the student’s senior year, therefore, LEC’s are not available on the student’s transcript until graduation from Revival Fires! Baptist College.

The maximum number of LEC’s is 20% of credits required by Revival Fires! Baptist College degrees. LEC’s are purchased by the student at the regular tuition rate of $60.00 per credit hour, or $30.00 per credit hour in a group or Bible institute situation.

Grading Scale

98-100       A+
95-97       A
92-94       A-

89-91       B+
86-88       B
83-85       B-

80-82       C+
77-79       C
74-76       C-

71-73       D+
68-70       D
65-67       D-

A final average of below 65 (D-) results in failure of the course; no credit given. Makeup assignments are available to bring a failing grade up to passing, at which time full credit is given.

Modular Classes

Modular classes are an effective study approach to learning, allowing the student an intense, in depth study of one subject at a time. Most modular classes consist of 45 hours of class instruction for which a student earns three semester credits. Video classes allow students, as individuals or as a group, to learn and study at their own pace. Classes are taught by born again pastors, evangelists and missionaries who are presently engaged in the work of the Lord and adhere to the doctrinal statement and tenets of Revival Fires! Baptist College and Faith Baptist Church.

Scholastic Honors

Students who complete their degree program with Revival Fires! Baptist College and maintain a 3.0 GPA will graduate with honors, while graduating students who maintain a 3.75 GPA will receive President’s Honors.

Class Standing

Freshman     A student who has completed less than 32 credits.

Sophomore     A student who has completed 32 credits but less than 64.

Junior     A student who has completed 64 credits but less than 96.

Senior     A student who has completed 96 credits.