Getting Started

Step 1

Submit completed Application for Enrollment, along with $20.00 application fee (applied to second video course tuition).

Step 2

Send payment in full with request for your video course.

Step 3

Materials and a partial set of tapes will be sent. Some courses require textbooks that can be purchased through Revival Fires! or if not available, at your local Christian bookstore. Upon completion of the first set of tapes, return to Revival Fires! Baptist College and you will be sent the remaining tapes. All quizzes, tests, and other assignments should be sent back when the course is completed.

Final grades are issued and credits granted when all class assignments have been completed, returned and graded, and all tapes have been returned to Revival Fires! Baptist College.

Under ordinary circumstances, a student will have 120 days to complete a course before a penalty of three (3) points is deducted from the student’s final average for each additional 14 days taken to complete the course and return all materials. Extenuating circumstances are judged on an individual case basis, and the late penalty waived solely at the discretion of the administration.