“Just Grow” by Dr. Bruce Goddard

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Dr. Bruce Goddard is the pastor of Faith Baptist Church in Wildomar, California.

“But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and for ever. Amen.” (I Peter 3:18)

Could I say this? “We need some young men to start churches.” We need more churches, because
churches die. They get old, lose their stand, their grit, their fight and we need young men to go
out and do it. Young men that will go soulwinning, hold the standard high and keep the love for this
King James Bible, a love for souls. I appreciate this young man and his wife, and many who go to
serve God in hard places in this world. There’s Bagdad, Tibet, India. Then, there’s Hawaii. This
good young man was raised in Hawaii in a good church and he’s going to go back and start a church.
It’s a blessing to have him here.

Second Peter, 3 in your Bible. I will be done before long, but long is a very hard term to define.
Long compared to an ant’s life-time, or long compared to the age of the earth. Look at II Peter 3:18.
“But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and for ever. Amen.” Those first four words. “But grow in grace…”

So, God wants me to, one word, God wants me to what? “Grow,” the verb. God wants me to
grow. If I am a growing Christian, then I’m pleasing God. “But grow in grace…”

Young people, we have a rule that phones can’t be out during the service. Now, pastors, I’m
not telling any of you what to do, but our ushers have a standing rule. If a young person has got a
phone out during the service, the ushers take it, and we have an annual auction.

So, what’s the one word in our text, that pleases God? “Grow.” Now, he’s talking about how to
grow. He says, “…grow in grace…” Then, “But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our
Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and for ever.”

Go back about two pages to I Peter 2:2. Can I tell you teenagers? All of us ought to, need to,
but young people, start reading your Bible now. I didn’t get saved and get a Bible in my hand until I
was 18. It was all new to me and I remember how exciting it was when I found out that Matthew,
Mark, Luke and John were all guys that knew each other and they were telling the same stories, because
they were all there together with Jesus. It was revolutionary to me as I learned the Bible and
read “Noah and the Ark” for the first time and “David killed Goliath” for the first time. I was in Bible
college when I learned some of that stuff. This is an incredible book. Start now. Read your Bible.
You have a whole different set of pressures on you and I do understand that. I also know you have
got the same God I do, and I personally don’t give you any excuse to not love God because you’ve
got the same Holy Spirit, and you’ve got the same Bible I do, the same God I do, the same promise of
Heaven as I do. I just don’t think there’s any excuse.

In I Peter 2:2, look at this one verse. “As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the
word…” Comparing your Bible as what you need to live and grow, like milk to a baby. It’ll help you
grow. “…desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may…” What’s that next word? Grow.
“…that ye may grow thereby:” The Bible is what will help you grow, like milk helps a baby, or food helps us to grow and become stronger. Some of you have gotten that down very well, the growing

Over in II Thessalonians, it says, “We are bound to thank God always for you, brethren, as
it is meet, because that your faith groweth exceedingly…” (2 Thessalonians 1:3) It talks about growing Christians. God loves it when He sees His people grow.

In II Peter, we read, “Grow in grace.” In I Peter, we read, “…as newborn babes, desire the
sincere milk of the word that ye may grow.” In II Thessalonians, he said, “We’ve heard that your faith grows exceedingly.” Then, in Colossians 1:10, it says, “That ye might walk worthy of the Lord unto all, pleasing, being fruitful in every good word, and increasing…” That’s like growing.  “…increasing in the knowledge of God:” So, if I could just get you to grasp one thought, spiritual growth makes God happy.

Now, we’re talking about growing and this is for everybody. I’m thinking about you young people
that go to our church, some young people that ride our buses. I’m also thinking about you that
have been in our church for years and years, and some here from other churches. Some of you are
new Christians; you need to grow in grace. Some of you have been saved for years and years and
you need to grow, too.

Let’s think about some things that define a teenager. What are the things that matter to us, the
things that are a part of our world? All of us are concerned about our appearance. Would you agree
with that? Is appearance a part of defining a young person’s life? All right. What else? Give me
some other things that define who you are. Your looks help define who you are, including hair and
clothing. What else could we include in things that are kind of defining to a young person? I mean,
you’re at church when the playoffs are going on! That’s pretty defining about your priorities.

How about friends! Your friends help define you, who you hang-out with. Do you want to know
about me? Find out who my friends are. That’s defining.

What else? You’ve got your ‘appearance.’ We’ll say ‘hair’ and ‘dress.’ Then, your ‘friends.’
What else? Let’s get specific. What things do you like, or don’t like? Character. Music defines us,
doesn’t it? You get around teenagers or anybody very long, and they’re going to want to know, “What
do you like to listen to?”

So, your looks. Your hair. Your clothes. Your music. Your friends. Let’s just start with those
for the sake of time. Those are defining things.

Let’s just talk about me for a minute. Go back to 1975, back when your parents were born. I
was a high school senior and for the first time, I had someone explain to me how to get saved. Now, I
actually graduated before I got saved, but during my senior year, a guy started talking to me about the
Lord. I started finding Gospel tracts at my school. Then I got to looking for them. I’d see those comic
book ones. Did you ever see those little comic book tracts? I started looking for those tracts around
our school. I still don’t know who was leaving those tracts around.

Now understand, I had a stack of basketball scholarships, colleges around the west coast
wanting me to come to their school, not for academic reasons. As an unsaved teenager, I was worried
what people thought about me and so, you know, you’d see one of those tracts and you grab it
quick and then read it when no one’s looking. You leave a tract at school and somebody’s going to
pick that tract up. It does matter.

So, public school student, I started picking up tracts. Then, this guy started talking to me, little
by little. No one had taught him how to go through the Gospel and lead someone to Christ like most
of you have been taught. But he told me what he knew how to tell me and then, the next time we got
together, he told me more, and the next time we talked, he told me more.

So, I’m 18 years old and it’s Wednesday night, and he’s leaving Thursday morning for college
about 500 miles south,. I’m leaving Saturday morning for a different college, about 700 miles north. I
remember thinking, “I’ve got to get what he’s got before I leave.” I called him up. He happened to be
at my wife’s house, though she was not my wife at the time. There were 23 kids in our high school
class, so you know everybody. So, I called him. They said, “He’s over at Tammy’s.” So I called over
there and said, “I need to talk to Lenny.” I said, “Look, I need to talk to you now, tonight.” This is a
good guy, leaving for college in the morning, leaving his girlfriend’s house to meet me at a public
park. He meets me down at the park and we chat for a minute or two. I said, “Look. I need to get
saved.” There in the park, he led me to Christ.

I had hair down to my shoulders. I was in the wrong crowd. I wasn’t real bad, like some who
were sleeping around with girls. I wasn’t a druggie. But I had been around the beer-drinking crowd,
and I knew people that smoked pot, and I was around that crowd. I was just the average public high
school kid who stayed out of trouble but I was not right. In fact, just a couple of weeks before this
night, I was at my closest friend’s house while his parents were out of town. He invited a bunch of the
kids over, all the older guys and all the cute girls. It didn’t matter how old you are, if you’re a cute girl,
you’re invited. I remember sitting at his house and he had the lights down low. He had funny lights
going and music playing and everybody talking and hanging-out together. Teenagers like to be together.

Then he walked in the room with a case of beer. He’s walking around, people are pulling off a
beer, and he got over to me and I very quietly said, “No thanks.” He looked at me and he said,
“They’re going to get you, aren’t they?” I knew just what he meant, and he knew what I meant. He
knew I’d been hanging around some Christian guys. I looked at him, and said, “Yeah, I think they
are.” I got up and walked out.

Now, right there, something happened. There was already something going on in my heart,
but something just happened out here visibly. For the first time in my life, I took a step in the direction God wanted me to go. I’d already been kind of changing my crowd a little and he knew that. I knew nothing about the Bible. We were so far up in the mountains, honestly, there were two channels on our TV. We only got radio when you stood on the roof and held tinfoil in your hand, way out in the
middle of nowhere. But you know what? I wanted God. I wanted to know I was saved and ready for
Heaven. I took a first step and made a choice in that direction.

Now, this young man over here is a preacher’s kid. He grew up in church and I don’t know a
lot about him, so we’re going to just pretend he’s a good kid and he did right all along the way. But he
was born and raised in the church. His dad’s a fiery-hot preacher. Trained up in Christianity. Haircuts.  No alcohol and cigarettes. I’m just guessing this stuff. You were told all of the dos and don’ts.

Now, I was over here and honestly, I grew up drawing beer out of a keg in the garage for my
dad. We had beer in our home until my dad left, then I had a single mom. Countless times, I’d get up
in the morning, put my foot on a piece of cardboard and mark around it, take my pocketknife and cut it out and put that cardboard in my shoe so I wouldn’t wear my socks out. Because I didn’t have shoes
that didn’t have holes in them. All my jeans were too short and had holes in the knees. We didn’t
have much, yet there was always money for beer and tobacco. That’s just the way it was. Then my
mom, a few years later, remarries and it’s not beer anymore. Now there’s vodka. That’s not better, in
case you don’t know. But this young man, no vodka, no kegs of beer in your home.

I got saved, then four days later I’m at a university. On the way out of town, that night I got
saved at 10 o’clock at night, then we went down to the church, a little country church with about 50
people in it. The guy that led me to Christ knew where the preacher hid the key, so we went in and he
got one of those old hardback Bibles, a King James Bible, and handed it to me. I’m a newborn Christian and for the first time in my life, I have a Bible in my hand.

Now, what’s this word that pleases God? Grow. If you are growing, you are pleasing Who?
God. How about if we reverse that? If you’re not growing, you’re not what? You are not pleasing
God if you are not growing in grace. Is that hard to figure out? I began to read that Bible every day,
sometimes 2 or 3 hours a day. I was on a basketball scholarship, so you don’t have to study. So,
Wednesday, I got saved. Saturday I left for college. Monday I registered for classes. But I fell in love
with that Book. I didn’t understand it all. Now my friend, do you ever remember not reading a Bible?
He always had a Bible. I can tell you, the first time I opened that Bible up and realized, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth…” it was something wonderful. When I read for myself that Jesus died for me, Heaven came down.

I stopped halfway to college at a hotel. My mom didn’t want me to drive 700 miles by myself,
and she prayed for some money. She wasn’t saved at the time, but she prayed. She had a little café
in the little town we lived in, and she walked out of the restaurant. Those were the days when you
could get a hotel room for 20 bucks. Motel 6 was still $6. She gave me that money and said, “I
prayed, and God gave me this money.”

So, I stopped at a hotel on the way. I didn’t even unpack my stuff. I had hardly ever been in a
hotel, and certainly not alone. So, I wonder, “What’s in those drawers?” There’s nothing in those
drawers BUT a Bible. The Bible that God had given me was in my suitcase so I read that Bible in the
room for about 2 hours that night. Do you know what I did? I said, “This is my Book, this blessed old
Book.” September 2, 1975, in that motel room, I said, “This is my Book” and I took another step of
growth. I still had long hair. I still didn’t know whether I’d drink beer again, or not. I mean, I’d walked
out on it that one night, but I hadn’t yet made a decision never to touch it. Look, I just got saved, but I
know this, I love that Book. I had just walked away from my best friend back here.

Now my friend here was in a Christian school all his life. Let’s just talk about friends. This
brother was born and raised in a Christian home, Christian school, and Bible preaching church every
day of his life. Let’s pretend he’s at the Christian school and he starts looking for the worldly guy
closest to the edge. You probably never did that. But watch now. He is going to take a step toward
the edge. Haircut, Bible, suit and tie on Sundays. I had never had a suit or a tie. He just took a step
toward the world, as close as his daddy would let him get without killing him, a step toward the wrong
crowd. Bible-reading, praying, Sunday school, godly mother and father, godly home and by the way,
he’s still a very good young man. He’s only taken one step in that direction. But I’m the jeans and t-shirt kid. I remember going a whole summer never putting anything on but cut-off jeans, and I kept
my t-shirt wrapped around the handlebars of my bicycle, because some places you needed a shirt on.
I didn’t have many clothes. But I took a step away from ungodly friends, and he just took a step toward them.

Now stop for a minute. What is our word? Grow. And growing pleases who? God. Now, if
you don’t get anything else, notice that each of us just took one step. Who’s pleasing God? The
long-haired kid who’s not sure if he’s ever going to drink beer or not? The kid who doesn’t own a tie
or a suit? The kid whose first dad walked out drinking a beer and the second dad walked in with a
bottle of vodka under his arm? That kid is growing, taking steps in the right direction, therefore, this is the kid who is, what? Pleasing God. I’m not being critical of the Christian school guy. He would emphasize this as much as me. But that step we are pretending he took toward the edge, is that growing or not growing? Therefore, he is not what? Not pleasing God.

I’m going to tell you, I was rough. I got recruited into a fraternity. The Coke machine in our fraternity
had no Coke in it. It had all varieties of beer. Guys and girls swapping roommates. It was a
moral pigpen. They had a big party, I wasn’t there very long, and I thought, “I don’t think I’m going to
drink anything.” So, I went over to the bar and got a glass of 7-Up. I’m standing there and my friends
are everywhere, guys I went to school with, and I looked at them and thought, “No one knows…” By
the way, I’d still not been to a church service. I’d still not been baptized, but I’d been reading that
Bible every day. I’m looking at that 7-Up thinking, “No one in this room knows what I’m drinking.” So
I went over to the table and set that down and I said, “I will never go to another party again, for the
rest of my life.” I took a step this way. I was what, growing. I still hadn’t been baptized. I hadn’t
been to church. I looked horrible. Mrs. Goddard’s dad would not have let her date me because I had
hair longer than hers at that point. But I was what, growing, and therefore, I was what, pleasing God.

Now, our brother hears about some Christian school kids going over to someone’s house and
maybe, there something not quite right. Whether he goes or not, he wants to go. He looks like a
Christian, knows all of the vocabulary, he could win in a Bible trivia contest, straight-A student. Well,
let’s pretend he was a straight-A student. I got straight C’s on a couple of occasions, but do you know
what? Is he growing now? No. Therefore he’s not pleasing God. His circumstances are still way
better than mine, but we are headed in opposite directions.

Do you know what? Young person riding the bus, I would have been a bus kid if there was a
church in our area decent enough to have a bus ministry. My parents weren’t going to go to church
with me. My dad was an unsaved Catholic. I remember him going to church twice, once on Christmas
and once on Easter. I had everything wrong with me. But now I’ve been saved and I love this

Then, that dramatic day came. I’ve been reading my Bible and I’d been noticing Christians
around me. The men did not have hair as long as mine. Now, you guys may not be able to relate,
but the Bible says, in 1 Corinthians 11, that a man’s hair is not to be his glory. A woman’s hair is to be
her glory. I had really long, thick hair, it was pretty. Some of you girls would have envied my hair. I
was used to it that way. When you get your hair cut, then you think, “What’s everybody going to
say?” So the day came. By this time I’d gotten baptized. I remember going to the lady who had
‘styled’ my hair. His daddy would not let him get his hair styled, I’m sure. Each time I went it was getting shorter. But one day I said the most dramatic words in my Christian life, “Cut it over my ears.”
The sun had never touched my ears. This is no joke. She stepped back and said, “You want what?
Sidewalls?” I learned something that day. It started in my feet and it began to boil right up through
my body. I thought, “No woman is going to try and manipulate this man.” I said, “You call it whatever
you want, Jezebel. Cut it over my ears!”

I never went back. No woman has ever cut my hair since that day. Because, you don’t go to a
barber and have a barber say, “You wanna what?” You just go to a barber, watch TV and they cut
your hair. “Do you want this newest style?” That’s a woman thing. I don’t go to beauty parlors, I’m a
man. Lester Roloff said, “Men ought to get their hair cut, instead of done.” Today, I’ve had a man’s
haircut for a long time. But do you know what? When I got that long hair cut off, do you know what I
was doing? I was growing, and taking steps in God’s direction, reading my Bible and trying to incorporate it into my life, and therefore, I was pleasing God.

Now brother, I don’t believe you ever had long hair. Let me ask, did you ever try or succeed in
letting your hair get a little longer than your parents permitted? You did. Now we’re learning about
him. Born and raised in Sunday school, church all the time, daddy a preacher, his whole family faithful in the ministry. But you know what? Some of these church kids, they’re kind of looking over toward the world, wishing that they could get just a little bit of it. They’re not what, growing. They’re not pleasing God.

Now, follow this young people. How about we talk about dress? We’ve each taken a few
steps from where we started, and now we’re getting closer. But you know, we’re working our way.
I’m growing, and he’s headed toward the world. I mean, you’re talking with a guy who had a pair of
Converse All-Stars when it was not fashionable, because that was the only tennis shoes sold in the
store. You could get white ones or black ones, high-top or low-top. That’s all they sold. I had a pair
of Converse All-Stars and a couple of pairs of jeans. My shoes had holes in the soles, cardboard
slipped inside. I got baptized, started going to church. You know what? I started noticing something.
I sat out here and I noticed the men. I was over here in my jeans and tennis shoes, even when I still
had long hair. I thought, “I’d like to look like those men who love God.”

I remember the day in a thrift store, I found my first suit. It wasn’t the right size but it was almost
big enough and I thought, “I’m gonna have a suit!” Then I realized that I didn’t have a dress
shirt to wear under it, so I found one of those. The preacher up there, I wanted to be like him. I got a
pair of old dress shoes from the thrift Store. I’d never had dress shoes. I had to learn how to polish
them. You probably learned how to polish a shoe at 4-years old, right? I was in college.

I had dress shoes from the thrift store and a suit. But do you know what? I was still a mess,
taking some baby steps and learning, but when I put on some different clothes, what was I doing? It’s
just a little thing but I was going somewhere! So, along comes this brother, and let’s put him in this
era because he’s not as old as me, and he would really like to get out of the suit and tie and put on
some skinny-jeans. You’d been wishing your dad would buy you some. Do you know what he’d also
like? He’s hoping for one of those flat-billed, gang-banger ball caps. Now, it may have been something
different when you were young. But there probably was a time you were wishing that you could
dress a little more to-the-edge, more like the world, more like Hollywood TV.

So, here’s the kid who grew up in church, knowing right and wrong, and he’s just wishing to be
a little more edgy and follow the world’s trends. His dress is inching him over a little bit. Look. He’s
not doing anything wrong. That flat-billed, gang-banger hat is not a sin. He never had his hair long
enough for it to be sin. He’s hanging around young people who were kind of on-the-edgeThe devil’s
telling him, “That’s not a sin. What’s wrong with it?”

Your parents weren’t going to have you going the wrong direction. Your mom was the worst,
when your mom went into the guy’s locker room. I remember that story. That’s hilarious. Anyway,
mom goes into the guy’s locker room…that’s emotional…to drag him out. Your mom’s drawing the
line and drawing the line. You can’t do this, you can’t do that. One of your hairs touched your ear,
buzz, shaving your head. “Oh, mom! Can’t I just have some hair, like…? My ears are cold!” That
was the first thing I noticed when I got my hair cut off my ears, that it’s cold! My ears and neck had
been covered all those years!

You young people that didn’t grow up in church, you’re newer Christians. Let me tell you
something. “Just grow, and you try to please God.” No one looked at me when I was at the college
up in Washington and said, “Now that’s a Christian young man.” They probably hid their wallet when I walked by, but there’s One Person Who saw this heart and He knew I was reading and loving my
Bible and I was growing. Therefore, I was, pleasing God.

Young people, you’ve got to be awfully careful because your friends are going to help define
who you are. Not just here on earth, but in Heaven. See, it’s these little things, isn’t it? The little
things I did that showed God what direction I was going. Were the little things not important to God?
Yes or no? Did not those little steps I made please God? All right. Then did not his little steps, in the
wrong direction, displease God? No matter how good he looked to other people, no matter how
much Bible he knew, no, he’d never taken a drink of liquor in his life, but maybe if he had a chance.
You know what I’m getting at. God knows his heart just like he knows mine. He sees the direction
you are headed in. Are you growing? Are you pleasing Him?

Young people, let me tell you something. Even little things define you, from your phone, to
your glasses, to your hair, to your clothes. “What’s the sin of wearing this?” No, we’re not talking
about sin yet. We’re talking about defining what you are. That’s why we still believe the Bible. We’re
still old-fashioned and we still have standards and convictions, we still believe in obedience, we still
go to a church, not a branch, a twig, a vine, bottle or a bucket, a campus, or an outreach. We go to
church. We still believe in preaching, not sharing or teaching. Here’s the thing, the devil’s walking
next to some of you young people and saying, “Look at these guys. What difference does it make?”
You all know it does matter.

Can I tell you, I think it matters whether you shave or not. I’m not against beards. Jesus had
one. Spurgeon had one. But I have defined my Christian life by the men I want to be like. I never
saw his dad or my preacher with facial hair. In my whole life, the longest I’ve ever been without being
clean shaven is three days. Every year, we go to a Men’s Mountain Campout and nobody shaves.
So, for three days, I don’t shave. With Norwegian and Indian background, you can’t tell. It’s not
wrong, but you know what? I’m not trying to be like a magazine model. I want to be a man of God.

“Well, yeah, but you’re the pastor.” I was that way at 18 and 19. You young people that are in
church all the time, let me tell you something. The devil wants you more than you know. He wants
you to just take that one step. “What’s the big deal? What’s the problem with your hair looking like
this? What’s the problem with your make-up? Why can’t you wear this? Is it a sin to have four earrings?”  I mean, he’s talking to you, guys and girls both. “What’s the big deal? Pirates have earrings.”

Which way are you going? Are you growing, or going away? Are you headed the Bible direction
or headed toward the world? Are you pleasing the Lord?

Whether you started where he did, or you started where I started, it doesn’t matter. Some of
you, you started growing and then, you began to drift back morally. Do you know what’s great about
this? What pleases God, what’s the word? Grow. So, let’s just say, “I got kicked out of Bible College.”
Let’s just say, “I messed up a whole bunch of things in my life and now, I have gone this way”
in whatever it is. It doesn’t matter. Do you know what’s great about Christianity? God wants to forgive
you, if you just turn back to Him and ask Him to cleanse you and forgive you. You can get turned
around and please Him again. All you have to do is, what? Grow. Get headed back in the right direction.

You may have been way over there in sin and worldliness and you got turned around and
ended up back here. The day you take your first step of, what? Growth. You are now pleasing Who?
God. What a great life. What a wonderful God. It’s not just what point or stage you are at, it’s also
which direction you are headed. “Which way are you going?” Are you trying to be more like the
world? No, that’s where I was going a minute ago. Does a Hollister shirt matter to you? “What’s
wrong? It’s just a shirt.” Look at the window of the store and tell me it’s just a shirt.

I don’t go to Las Vegas. Somebody said, “Look, you could go there and get the cheapest
rooms and the cheapest food and it’s really good because they expect you to spend money on gambling
and since you don’t gamble, it’s just this awesome thing!” I went there one time to preach. I’m
not going to Las Vegas. Why? Because the name Las Vegas epitomizes wrong. I’m not going to
Las Vegas! Why? Because it’s a direction! I’m going to grow and I don’t believe going to Las Vegas
is going to help me grow. I’ve never been down to the buffet at the casino, not one time. I don’t care
how good their buffet is. I’m not going to a gambling joint, not even to eat. But I’m going somewhere
better. It’s directional. Simple as that.

The question you’ve got to decide is, “Which way are you going right now?” The next question
is, “Which way do you want to go?” Because, right now, you can choose your direction. For me, talking
to myself, the pastor, “I am a Fundamental, old-fashioned, King James Bible preaching, soulwinning,
separated, standards, Baptist with a capital ‘B’, Bible-believing preacher.” That’s what I am. So,
I am looking for all the things that will help me be a more Fundamental, separated, straight-shooting,
right-down-the-line, never-varying Baptist preacher. That’s why I don’t hug you girls. “Is it a sin to
touch somebody?” It’s stupid! Too many preachers mess their whole ministries up over a girl. I don’t
do that. You extend your hand. I’ll shake your hand. That’s just courtesy.

“Is it a sin?” None of this is about sin. I’d rather stay a few steps away from sin. It’s safer. So
it’s not about sin, but it is about you pleasing God. No matter what you look like, where you live, who
your parents are. I don’t care if you’re my son. I’ve got two sons and a daughter here. I don’t care if
you’re my family, or if you don’t have a family, one thing pleases God. Find out what this Book says
right here, and just try to follow God. Just Grow.

God doesn’t expect you to be me or anybody else. That guy grew up around some of the
greatest Christian men of the last generation. He grew up around preachers like I grew up around
beer. I don’t have to be him. I’ve just got to do one thing, grow, take the next step in God’s direction.
When I grow and say, “Father, I’m trying. Lord, I love Your Word. Heavenly Father, I want to do what
pleases You.” God looks down and says, “Grow in grace.” We have a Wonderful God. If you’ll grow,
God will be very pleased with you.

Young people, some of you will go off to Bible College soon. Don’t be influenced by the wrong
crowd, the roommates, those trying to live on the edge. Make sure your music is right. Hey, look, I
could talk about this forever, but I went from the totally, worldly, wrong music and then somebody
gave me, you would call it a Christian CD, but some old people would call it an 8-track. None of you
know what that is, except old people. I’ll tell you what I did. I took all of my old music and got rid of it
and I got the best thing I could find. It was not very good, but it was the best I knew. Pretty soon I
found some more music that was even better.

Then, my music got a little better and more pleasing to God. Then, I wanted to go serve God.
I went to the best Bible College I knew of. Their standard of modesty was to wear a T-shirt over your
bikini. You say, “That’s not very modest.” Mrs. Goddard and I went to a college activity. We were
brand new at this church, going to Bible College. The college group had an activity at the lake with a
big houseboat they had borrowed and all the college-age young people were there and I remember
this girl walks out to introduce herself and welcome us and she’s in a swimming suit with a t-shirt on.
Remember, I’d just been saved a short time. I still had long hair. I’m walking toward this girl and I
said to myself, “This isn’t right.” After that night, I never went around that college group at all. It’s
called, growing. Some of you are over here, wishing you could go the opposite direction and spend
time around the girl in the swimming suit. That’s called, not pleasing God.

Girls, are you trying to get your hemline as short as you can, or are you frustrated because you
can’t even find a skirt at the store? If you’re over here just trying to get a skirt, trying to do a little better and be a little more what the Bible teaches about modesty, then God bless you. God’s looking
down at you, saying, “I love that girl! She’s doing everything she knows how to do. She’s taking
steps in the right direction. She wants to love and obey my Word.”

Find out what the Bible says, and try to apply it to your life as you learn it. If you do that, you’ll
be making choices and taking steps toward God, the Bible, and doing what is right. That pleases the
Lord. Just grow.



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