Student Personal Qualifications

Revival Fires! Baptist College is a Baptist college. All students should understand that Baptist doctrine, Baptist distinctives and Baptist polity will be taught. Revival Fires! Baptist College admits Independent Baptist students to all the privileges and programs generally accorded or made available to students of the College. The Evangelism program is limited to men only because of our Biblical conviction concerning the qualifications of a preacher. To be accepted as a student at Revival Fires! Baptist College, each applicant shall be a member in good standing of an Independent Baptist Church, give testimony of his/her new birth experience, and be of good moral character. All students must actively be involved in the ministry and programs of their local church under the direction of their pastor. All students must participate in their local church’s soulwinning program at least on a weekly basis.

Application Procedures

1.     Secure an application and fill it out completely.
2.     Get your pastor to fill out the personal reference/recommendation form and return with your application.
3.     Attach a recent photograph.
4.     Enclose the $20.00 application fee and mail to:
Revival Fires! Baptist College
P.O. Box 245
Claysburg, PA 16625

(The $20.00 application fee is applied to your second video course tuition.)

*If transferring credits to Revival Fires! Baptist College, forward a transcript or report of grades and credits earned from each institution of higher learning you have attended to Revival Fires! Baptist College.

(You may want to copy and paste the Application & Recommendation Forms before printing to avoid printing the entire page!)

Revival Fires! Baptist College
Application for Enrollment

Name_______________________________________      Date___________________

Home Address_________________________________________________________

City_____________________     St____     Zip__________   Phone______________

Marital Status – Single(  )    Married(  )     Divorced(  )  Age______   Birthdate________

Home Church__________________________________________________________

Church Address________________________________________________________

Pastor’s Name______________________________   Phone_____________________

List any current Bible training that you are receiving or past training you have received.

Name of School________________________________________________________

School Address________________________________________________________

School Phone_____________________   Number of Years Completed_____________

Are you a – Freshman (  )     Sophomore (  )     Junior (  )     Senior (  )

Please briefly describe your salvation experience and include the date of your baptism.






A non-refundable $20.00 application fee is required to be submitted along with this
application, which is applied to the cost of your second video course.

Please attach a recent photo of yourself and $20.00 to this application.

I would like to begin with the ____________________________ course.

Return to: Revival Fires! Baptist College
P.O. Box 245 ~ Claysburg, PA  16625
Attention:  Lee Sexton
Phone:  (814)239-2813  Fax:  (814)239-8908

Revival Fires! Baptist College
Pastor’s Recommendation/Personal Reference

Applicant’s Name________________________________________________________


City_____________________   St_____   Zip__________   Phone________________

Home Church__________________________________________________________

Church Address________________________________________________________

City_____________________   St_____   Zip___________

Pastor’s Name________________________________     Phone__________________

I have known the above named person for _____________ years(s)

He/She has been a member of my church for ______________year(s)

Please complete the following to the best of your knowledge and ability grading each item using the following scale:  (1 – poor;  2 – fair;  3 – good;  4 – excellent)

_____ Faithfulness to church                                      _____ Dependability

_____ Involvement in local church ministries                 _____ Avoids criticism & gossip

_____ Faithfulness to soulwinning                               _____ Reliability

_____ Personal walk with God                                     _____ Punctuality

_____ Teachable Spirit                                               _____ Attitude toward opp. sex

_____ Ability to work with others                                _____ Giving spirit

_____ Submission to authority                                   _____ Leadership ability

Please sign, date and return to:
Revival Fires! Baptist College
P.O. Box 245 ~ Claysburg, PA  16625
Attention:  Lee Sexton
Phone:  (814)239-2813   Fax:  (814)239-8908

X_____________________________________   Date_________________________